2013: A Look Back

BS clockTime has run out on 2013. The change of year sparks not only plans for new, vigorous starts, but also a pause for the year past. 2013 was the first full year for Pinstripe Pulpit. Readership has built steadily, and I’m thankful for the kind words from many.

I was thankful to be interviewed for both the Keikari website and The College Conservative. I thought both interviews turned out very well.

My biggest surprise was when Tolkien’s Kentucky Hobbits went viral in December, a year after it was first posted. A four day frenzy of visits brought in 30 times normal readership.

Looking forward to 2014 I will tweak the website, make some refinements in topic focus, and I plan to post more consistently. I hope you stick around and let others know about the site.

Below are several posts I’ve selected to give a survey of the year. Do you have a favorite?

Indian Sankranti Sidewalk Art

Summer Style: Spectator Shoes

Being a Man of Conviction: Eric Metaxas’s ‘7 Men’

Dr. Ralph, The Ryman, & the Redneck Taco: Martin’s BBQ Joint of Nolensville, Tennessee

Off the Shelf: Allen Tate, Wendell Berry, & Sewanee’s Discarded ‘The Hidden Wound’

Off the Shelf: Odd Volumes & the Challenges of Marriage

Review: Wallace Station & the Inside Out Hot Brown

Cheers! Martin's Pig

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