A Visit to Birmingham’s The Alabama Biscuit Company

Alabama Biscuit front

Since I first read of the impending opening of Birmingham’s The Alabama Biscuit Company I couldn’t imagine a better name for a business. I was eager to visit, and the opportunity finally came for me to stop by.

Alabama Biscuit is nestled in a row of shops in Cahaba Heights over the hill behind The Summit from 280. I admit, it was tough to ignore the smell of barbecue from the joint a few doors down. But biscuits were my goal, and biscuits I would have.

The restaurant is a minimalist mix of wood and steel industrialism. Old Try prints decorate the walls. There were only a couple of other customers when I arrived around 11:30, but the hours are geared toward the breakfast crowd. A young lady was by the window working on her MacBook, and I can see how Alabama Biscuit could be a welcome alternative to the standard Starbucks.

Alabama Biscuit CubanI was prepared to order The Alabama, and was particularly encouraged when told that I could only eat it in (they won’t package it to go), when another customer’s Cuban biscuit was just coming out of the kitchen. As a known lover of Cuban sandwiches, I couldn’t pass up such a concoction–brilliant, I thought.

The Cuban was an off-menu special that came with sweet tea and a bag of chips for $10. The tea was not quite as sweet as I might have liked, but I understand they are going for a more subtle taste.

There was a several minute wait for the sandwich, but I had no complaints when it arrived. It was a well chosen option for a light lunch. The special came together as a restrained, but filling meal.

The biscuit sandwich certainly wouldn’t be confused with a Tampa pressed Cuban, but it was a well done variation on the theme. Quibbling, I might say it was a little too heavy on the mustard. And Alabama Biscuit has chosen to go with a more crumbly biscuit than I make myself, but it’s clearly what they’ve decided is best for their purposes.

I left somewhat sorry that I didn’t try one of the sweet biscuit options like The Alabama of my original intent, but I was not disappointed at all with the Cuban. It only means I need to go back again.

Give The Alabama Biscuit Company a try if you’re in Birmingham. The well appointed shop comes with plenty of Southern hospitality. It seems to me that these are folks who are trying to do good work, and they ought to be supported.

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