Atlanta Road Trip: A Visit to Sid Mashburn

Sid frontThere have been few menswear stores as hot as Atlanta’s Sid Mashburn over the past few years. Mashburn has been a darling of men’s magazines and universally lauded by what a SM salesman referred to as “corny blogs” to a customer when I was in the shop recently. I had hoped to stop in for some time, and finally had my chance during my recent visit to Atlanta.

Mashburn carries a carefully selected range of top men’s brands bolstered by his own label of goods. It’s classic menswear with a hipper, slimmer vibe. The Mashburn look of (unbuckled) double-monks or tassel loafers with no socks has become iconic, or cliché depending on your perspective.

Official Mounted Heads Shot

The store atmosphere is clubby. It was busy on a Saturday with alterations tailors hard at work in the back. Salesmen are young and energetic. Customers were younger with deep pockets (or crushing credit card debt).

If your pockets are not deep, which mine are not, Mashburn is still worth the visit. You will find items rarely seen most Southern cities. The quality is high, the taste is good even if not everything is to your particular liking.

Where else are you going to find Globe-Trotter luggage, for example? I’ve admired these online for awhile.


Finding a Drake’s pocket square at Sid Mashburn is quite the #menswear “Mash-up”:


As mentioned, the shoe options are impressive, including Mashburn’s own made in England standards as well as offerings from Alden and Edward Green.

Double monks

These bone bucks are outstanding.


As are the brogues and boots:

Brogues & Boots

Mashburn also likes his Tretorns.


And you have to enjoy Mashburn’s sense of humor.

Gator glasses

Sid Mashburn is a fun store, and one that Atlanta is lucky to have. The prices are not for the faint of heart, but if you pace yourself, target key items, and hit the sales, the “normal” shopper could pick up items from time to time.


Alas, the weekend vacation budget didn’t allow any purchases this time, so I strolled back by Billy Reid’s shop:

Billy Reid

And met the girls for some frozen yogurt. That was expensive enough for the day.



3 thoughts on “Atlanta Road Trip: A Visit to Sid Mashburn

  1. Glad to see you and the family enjoying Atlanta. Why is it our tastes in clothes often times is above our means? Cruel fate. I’m going to go all lowbrow and say…you do realize that if you stay through next week you could attend Dragoncon? I’m sure the girls would love it.

  2. Love Sid Mashburn, even if I can’t afford much of it, other than the Levi’s and Tretorns. Hope that you were able to check out Steven Alan as well, near Billy Reid and Jack Spade

    • It’s a fun store. I hope to visit again. I didn’t go in the Steven Alan (I did see it), although I did thrift one of their shirts recently. It’s quite nice. I should have taken the time to go in.

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