Book Notes: The Impact Equation

Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, social media and Internet gurus, have just released their new book The Impact Equation, which challenges “Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise?”

We live in a unique time. We don’t need permission or have to wait to be picked, as Seth Godin reminds us. Anyone with Internet access–and that’s anyone–and an idea can begin to broadcast that idea to a networked world.

Brogan and Smith propose their “impact equation” to explain how a message cuts through the noise so that it has an impact rather than ending up in the dustbin of Twitter.

Impact = C x (R + E + A + T + E), or CREATE. Yes, the acronym is a bit hokey, but it is memorable. Your idea has to Contrast, be different. It has to have Reach and Exposure. It must have Articulation, or clarity of message. There must be Trust and Echo, or connection.

The reality is, such strategic thinking really is necessary if you want to amplify your message. It may make your eyes glaze over, but at least some of this sort of heavy lifting is part of the process. It’s not simply content. In fact, some have shown they can be quite successful without substantive content at all.

Whether you’re spinning your wheels or just looking to get started in the Internet world, Brogan and Smith can guide you through the process of amplifying your message.

[An advance copy was supplied by the authors for review.]

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