Cuban Sandwiches at Brocato’s of Tampa

I talk a bit about barbeque here at Pinstripe Pulpit (and will talk about it again in an upcoming review), but there is more to the Pinstripe Pulpit palate than simply a love for slow smoked meaty goodness. Whenever I find myself in Tampa I always make time for the delicious Cuban sandwiches of Brocato’s Sandwich Shop.

A friend of mine recommended Brocato’s several years ago, dismissing all other Cubans as mere pretenders to the throne. And I’ve tried other Tampa Cubans. None have measured up to Brocato’s (even if the name rhymes with “Cuban”).

My friend insists one of the keys is the fresh Cuban bread, which isn’t easily replicated, nor does it travel well. But let Brocato’s work their magic–insist on having your sandwich pressed–and few things compare.

Brocato’s has not only the sandwich, but they have the sides: a devil crab the size of your head and rice and black beans enough to feed a small village for a week. The atmosphere is just right, no generic strip mall shop here. The restaurant is always crowded at lunch, patrons patiently waiting until their name is yelled out to take away their sack of Cuban heaven.

The next time you’re in Tampa make the drive over to Brocato’s. Make sure you tell them to press your Cuban.

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