Dispatch From Vermont: Covey & Nye Outfitters

Fall leaves

My friends Todd & Cherie, drawn by the promise of autumn leaves, are deep in Yankeeland. I suppose one could rationalize it for fall foliage. While in Manchester, Vermont they stumbled across Covey & Nye Outfitters (formerly Ptarmigan Outfitters) a shop clearly made for the high of taste and deep of pocket (one out of two ain’t bad).

Covey front

Purdey, Holland & Holland, and other high-end firearms are their speciality. Got a quarter million dollars? Covey & Nye would be happy to kit you out with a custom Purdey shotgun. They’ll dress you head to toe then you can fire a few rounds on their shooting range.

The leaves, and Covey & Nye, might even make Yankeeland worth the trip.

Purdey 1


Covey shells

Covey 01 Covey 03 Covey 04 Covey 05 Covey 06 Covey 07 Covey 08 Covey 09 Covey 10 Covey 11 Covey 12




hills and house

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