Giveaway & Review: The Bow Tie Club

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[Contest is now closed. Winners announced soon.]

Back in the dark days, before there were hipsters and Internet access was dial-up, bow tie sources were few and far between. One of the sources you could rely on, and that had a wide array of options, was The Bow Tie Club.

Two decades after founding The Bow Tie Club, Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom alumnus Kirk Hinckley is still selling bow ties in an era when the landscape is full of competing makers. And even though The Bow Tie Club has such notable clients as Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, and even Presidents, there is no evidence you will become a hated political figure if you wear Bow Tie Club ties.

BTC UptownKirk kindly sent me three of his ties to look over, and they are certainly worth putting on your list of buying options. And options they have, an ever-rotating choice of over 400 bow ties, that range from classic to camp. I would steer you toward the more restrained choices, but there are plenty of those hovering at the $40 price point.

The ties are USA made (a Pinstripe Pulpit favorite feature) and well constructed. Hinckley claims they use a heavier silk momme weight than Hermes (22 vs. 21). That said, Hermes silks still have a watery luxuriousness that The Bow Tie Club doesn’t give you. Not everyone wants Hermes, certainly, and if you do you will pay dearly for it. I only bring the Hermes comparison because The Bow Tie Club does.

Bow Tie Club labelsA stronger twill weave, more texture to the silk, I think would help The Bow Tie Club ties. Also, they would benefit from a little thicker interlining. Another quibble is the lack of a neck measurement guide sewn in for accurate adjustment. Now, not every bow tie offers this, but they are handy. It’s not something anyone should get worked up about, certainly. These are good ties worth your time.

I am passing The Bow Tie’s generosity on to you. I’m giving away these three bow ties to three lucky winners. I will choose three names from entrants, winner one will have his choice of the three, winner two will choose one of the two remaining, winner three receives the last tie.

You can enter by doing one or all of the following. Do all three for three chances to win! The contest runs through Monday, June 2.

Good luck!

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  1. I was so impressed that my husband knew how to tie a bow tie! An essential skill. These ties are beautiful and look so well made!

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