J. Mark Bertrand Featured at The Weekly Standard

BertrandRegular readers of Pinstripe Pulpit know that crime novelist and Bible Design Blog founder J. Mark Bertrand is a good friend of this website. Bertrand is best known for his Roland March trilogy, a series of police procedurals focusing on a past-his-prime Houston detective.

The Weekly Standard has just published a fine write-up on Bertrand by Jon L. Breen who is effusive in his praise:

Bertrand is a major crime-fiction talent—one of the best police procedural writers I’ve come upon in years—but he has not reached nearly the wide audience he deserves for a simple reason: His novels come from a religious publisher.

It’s worth your time to take a look.

Meanwhile, you can read my review of the third novel in the March series, Nothing to Hide, which addresses the issue of “Christian fiction”.

The first of the trilogy, Back on Murder, currently is available for free Kindle download. Go download it right now before Bethany House discontinues the freebie with the increased exposure. My review of Back on Murder is available on my old theosebes site.

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