Joel Osteen: A Necktie Cautionary Tale

Whatever you think of his theology (okay, I know what you think of his theology), Joel Osteen is one of the most visible men in the pulpit in America today. But just like you might not want to emulate his theology or preaching style (*cough*), Osteen also provides us with a necktie cautionary tale.

This is the tie he wore as a guest chaplain before Congress.

It seems that Osteen loves this tie, because he considered it special enough for the cover of USA Weekend.

And it’s part of a regrettable collection.

Joel Osteen’s megaphone (and clothing budget) may be bigger, but your ties should be better.

4 thoughts on “Joel Osteen: A Necktie Cautionary Tale

  1. Please know that this is a very regal, expensive and exclusive necktie. It is an Eddia. I bought one about 10 years ago; and it ran me about $200. That was on sale. Trust me – you may think this is an ugly or “tacky” necktie; but I would love to have another. Got so many compliments on the tie. More than any tie I have ever owned, including the Pancaldi ties I’ve owned.

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