An Essential Shoe: L.L. Bean’s Rubber Mocs

There’s hardly any piece of clothing more iconically American than the L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe, or “Bean Boots.” Invented 100 years ago by the original L.L. Bean, they’ve become a staple. Often called “duck boots,” there have been many copies, but there’s only one original.

I can’t say enough about the Bean Rubber Moc in particular. I consider it an essential shoe. Not really a boot, but a cross between a boat shoe, penny loafer and Maine Hunting Shoe. They’re quick on and off, and are great for battling rain, mud and light snow. I use them all the time when I have to run quick errands, rain or shine.

The Official Preppy Handbook via Alex Grant

The Bean Rubber Moc was immortalized in the infamous Official Preppy Handbook. Hop over to Alexander Grant’s blog and he’ll show you how to get that Preppy Handbook foldover look. There’s a utilitarian aspect to it, too, as it helps for quick and easy foot slide-in.

One of the great features for me is that Bean Boots come in narrow sizes. This is a rarity these days, but those of us with narrow feet appreciate it greatly. But pay attention to the sizing when ordering. They run large, and most people size down. Read L.L. Bean’s sizing guidelines.

Pick up a pair or two in virtually any height, with thinsulate, shearling or simply unlined (best for most in the South, I think).

Still made in Maine by people with funny accents.

Check out this video from L.L. Bean:

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