Legendary Tailor & Holocaust Survivor Martin Greenfield’s Vow of Revenge

Greenfield Book CoverAnyone familiar with quality American tailoring knows the name Martin Greenfield. Now 84- years old, the Holocaust survivor has released a new memoir, Measure of a Man. In it he writes of his odyssey from the infamous Buchenwald concentration camp to becoming a Presidential tailor.

The New York Post ran an excerpt in which Greenfield writes of his revenge on a beautiful woman who was responsible for him receiving a severe beating:

“No! Please!” she quavered. “The baby, please!”

I aimed the machine gun at her chest. The baby wailed. My finger hovered above the trigger.

“Shoot her!” one of the boys said. “Shoot her!” The woman’s outstretched hand trembled in the air. My heart pounded against my chest like a hammer.

His joy ride with some fellow liberated prisoners:

What a sight we must have been: three teenage Jews in striped prisoner uniforms, armed with machine guns, driving a black Mercedes in Weimar, Germany, on our way back to the Buchenwald concentration camp. We smiled, laughed, and talked tough like the men we weren’t.

And the foreign policy advice he sent to President Eisenhower:

During the Suez Canal crisis, Greenfield was frustrated and thought the US needed a stronger response. So he wrote an anonymous note and left it in the pocket of a jacket he was making for Eisenhower.

Read the entire excerpt. The book sounds fascinating.

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