My Southern Thanksgiving Plate, or The Life of Pie

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and we are all very blessed. Thanksgiving–gratitude–recognizes our connection to God, our dependence upon Him, and leads to proper obedience.

It also means a big meal. Gearing up for the day I did proper penance for what we are about to eat by running my second annual Turkey Trot 5k this morning. That way I will feel no guilt about my second piece of pie (and limited guilt about the third).

Speaking of pie, you can’t eat it unless somebody makes it, and that’s where I come in. Last night I baked two using this Perfect Pecan Pie recipe from my Madison, Alabama neighbor Christy Jordan at The Southern Plate. I used this recipe earlier in the year, and the secret seems to be an extra egg vs. the standard recipes.

fresh butter just separated

But my real experiment this Thanksgiving was buttermilk pie. I mentioned yesterday that I have an abundance of buttermilk these days. It seems logical to make a pie out of it, right? Christy comes to the rescue again, with this Buttermilk Pie recipe.

The pie uses both butter and buttermilk (of course), so I pulled out the fresh cream and we got to churning. This buttermilk pie is made from just about the freshest butter and buttermilk possible.

buttermilk pie ready for the oven

My wife Traci got in on the pie act this year with another new addition to our pie repertoire: sweet potato pie. Our friends Larry & Tracy brought one to Thanksgiving last year, and Traci fell in love. Alas, Christy hasn’t told us how to do sweet potato pie, so she had to turn to Alton Brown’s version. Somehow we’ll struggle through, but Christy needs to get on this in time for next year.

Pies? We like them. In fact, the plan is to embrace the theme for our post-Thanksgiving dinner move: The Life of Pi.

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  1. I had some pie myself this Thanksgiving. Grandma made pumpkin, coconut and chocolate pies this year. Grandma sure bakes some good pie. Interested in your take on the Life of Pi movie. Hope your Thanksgiving was marvelous.

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