My Visit With Ian Metcalfe of R.L. Allan Bibles

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Don’t miss my guest post, ‘A Visit to R.L. Allan’, at J. Mark Bertrand’s always excellent Bible Design Blog. Some weeks ago I mentioned to Mark that I would be in London over a weekend while traveling back from India. He asked if I would be interested in paying a visit to R.L. Allan’s new London warehouse where new owner Ian Metcalfe had set up shop. As the owner of three Allan’s Bibles how could I turn down a chance like that?

The logistics behind the visit became a bit of a comedy of errors. For some reason I could not receive Ian’s emails (although he received mine with no problem), and Mark had to act as intermediary. Then on the trip from my hotel at Euston Station out to Tolworth where the factory is, it turned out that the regular train service had been shut down on that line for Sunday. I ended up on a bus that delivered passengers to the train stations the dormant train normally would have taken minutes to do. An expected one hour journey turned into a two-and-one-half hour one.

Eventually I arrived and had a great visit with Ian. And he was kind enough to drive me to the nearest (operational) Underground station when we were finished. I hope you enjoy the post, and here’s that red goatskin Allan’s journal I left with.

Allan's Journal

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