Old Leather Books

Few things give me more satisfaction than applying leather preservative to an old, dry leather book (I use Fredelka Formula, good stuff). How did they get such depth to the leather? Can they do that today?

This is a book I picked up last year at a college library sale, and have finally connected the Fredelka Formula (finally tracked down after being misplaced) with the book. I was drawn to it because of its early publication date in Lexington, Kentucky, (1828), the home of my alma mater.

4 thoughts on “Old Leather Books

    • I use a Kindle app on my iPad, so I’m not opposed to them. For some books a reader might even be preferred. But real books are better overall. You can’t buy a used ebook.

  1. If only books could speak: what a story they’d tell. A man from Virginia writes a book published in Kentucky almost two centuries ago, which is read by an incalculable number of students in, if I read the stamp correctly, Winona Lakes, Indiana, until–retired from circulation– it turns up in Rocket City, USA. Wonderful.

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