OoOtie Bowties: Review & Giveaway

Congratulations to Jared, Matt & Becca Beth for winning an OoOtie bow tie! Thanks to everyone who entered.

The good folks over at OoOtie Bowties from way up in Yankeeland sent me three of their bow ties a while back asking my opinion. Of course, I’m always interested in bow ties, and was glad to take a look.

Back when I first started wearing bow ties a couple of decades ago they were hard to find. You had standbys like Brooks Brothers, but this was before their stores were ubiquitous. There were a few specialist makers, but they few and far between. How things have changed. These days almost everyone seems to make bow ties. The challenge now is how to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack.

OoOties rises to the challenge by specializing in what I’ll call the nerdy emblematic bow tie. Emblematic ties have a repeating print of some sort of figural character, usually woven in, but sometimes printed. Traditionally you might find a pheasant, a whale or a fox. Sometimes they can be comic (the old Chipp specialized in these). OoOties currently offers emblematic bows with a modern twist: dinosaurs, zombies and zeppelins, airplanes and the Mars rover.

Oooties hails from Boston (the ties are “Engineered in Boston”), a company founded by two MIT grads and a Boston U. grad. Befitting their engineered angle, they embrace technology by even having Oooties app that allows you to shop and even “try on” the ties.

The Oootie bow ties are solidly made and tied up well. I will confess, I don’t know where they’re made, and the apparent silence on the subject leads me to suspect they’re offshored. The periodic table tie seemed a bit flat upon arrival, although I think it likely will spring to life as it’s used. The paisley tie is a somewhat exaggerated butterfly shape, which runs counter to the current trend of slimmer bow ties. The owl tie is wool, a nice touch; the weaving was a little striated.

It’s always nice to find another reliable source for imaginative bow ties, especially ones competitively priced. Although Oooties offers some basics–paisleys and dots and such–I think the real reason to keep an eye on them is for those special designs engineered in Boston that you won’t find anywhere else (the Curiosity rover, the airplane and the Teddy Roosevelt are all pretty sharp). They release new designs regularly, and they’re only made in limited runs.

As a bonus for readers of Pinstripe Pulpit I’m giving away the three bow ties Oooties sent me, never used save for the purposes of this review.

I will choose three folks from those who enter the contest. The first selected will have his choice of the ties, the second a choice between the two remaining, and the third winner will receive the third tie. The contest will run through Monday, March 18.

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