Reader Question: Rancourt Suede Boots

Pinstripe Pulpit reader Mark writes in with a question:

“Is this mushroom suede boot awesome, or is it something you get and regret?”

Mark links these handsome boots from Rancourt.

via Rancourt & Co.

Mark, your instincts are taking you in the right direction. Rancourt shoes are handmade in Maine using classic moccasin construction. These boots would be perfect with a pair of thin wale cords or jeans, a cable knit sweater and a Barbour jacket. These scream out to be worn in autumn.

Mini-lug sole boot from Rancourt

For my own preferences, though, I would change out the wedge sole. One of the great benefits of ordering from a family run outfit like Rancourt is that they make to order to the customers specifications. Although the wedge sole is classic, and currently ‘in’, I really don’t care for them. I prefer another classic, and I think more handsome, sole option available for the Rancourt boot: the mini-lug sole. (If only one could get English Dainite soles on these!)

Rancourt shoes aren’t cheap, but they also aren’t cheap shoes. These are American made, and will last you for years and years to come. And don’t forget, Rancourt also offers narrow and wide width options, which is great for those of us who don’t have a standard ‘D’ width foot.

Mark, I say get that Rancourt order in!


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