Shine Your Shoes

You have to start somewhere (so do I), and this is a good place. You think it doesn’t matter, but people see the scuffs, the worn toes. They know it’s sloppy and wonder why you don’t. Don’t let this continue. There’s no excuse.

Your local grocery store carries Kiwi shoe polish. Buy a new tin the same color as your shoes (just go ahead and pick up a can of black and brown while you’re there). Buy a horsehair buffing brush. You don’t really need an application brush. I cut up old cotton undershirts into rags as applicators. If you don’t have shoes that require shoe polish I will not congratulate you. I will teach you better.

How you present yourself matters, and we’re going to talk about that at Pinstripe Pulpit. No, how you look isn’t the most important thing, but we live in a world where you have some control over your personal presentation. Often, simply making better choices–the right choices–will make all the difference. Put a small amount of thought, attention and effort into it and the sky is the limit.

This is a blog that will explore various subjects bound by the common thread of their interest to me. I suspect there are others who share my interests. We will look at books, Bibles, gear, clothes and a miscellany of other things. I will write about putting together a basic wardrobe for preaching and teaching. From personal observation I know this is needed…very badly.

I invite you to join me for the ride.

Now, go shine your shoes.

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