Billy Reid Featured on CBS This Morning

Billy Reid (and especially his Florence warehouse sales) is regularly lauded at Pinstripe Pulpit. The CFDA award winning designer found a bit bigger audience with a very nice feature on CBS This Morning yesterday. It tells Reid’s story of business failure after 9-11, only to rise from the ashes as the South’s hottest menswear designer and active promoter of Southern music and food.

Billy Reid & Florence, Once More

BR shop wall

My time in Alabama short, I had the chance to visit one more Billy Reid Warehouse Sale in Florence a few weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed the trips, and the sales have been good to me (as has the nearby Salvation Army).

This sale was around the corner from the main shop, the third location they’ve had for the sale during the short time I’ve been going. Prices were better than last time but selection was more limited.

BR sale 1 BR sale 2

Ties and t-shirts were plentiful, but as it was a warehouse sale available sizes could tend toward the extremes (XS or XXL). I was sad the Alabama Shakes t-shirt wasn’t in my size. I grabbed a Billy Reid bow tie, which I think are some of the best around.

BR t-shirts BR tub o ties

The new spring merchandise was out in the main store, which is always fun to visit.

BR shop belt BR shop bows BR shop monks BR shop shirts BR shop tote

My co-conspirator Sean and I were excited to try a new restaurant a couple of doors down called The Pie Factory. Despite our (very real) disappointment that it was actually a pizza place we went anyway and tried the Boss Hog special. If you need pizza in Florence, it’s worth a stop.

Pie Factory

Pie Factory pie

My visit complete, I bid farewell to Florence and its native son W.C. Handy, who had the good taste to wear a bow tie.

WC Handy