Finding Your Grail at No Man Walks Alone

Hermes sterling knots

The good folks over at No Man Walks Alone have just published a post of mine on “The Search For a Grail.”

“Grail” has become synonymous with an object that is highly prized, rare, and acquired only after a great quest. Many of us have spent long hours searching for a clothing grail item. The original legend gives us some guidance on what a true Grail is.

First, it must be rare, or even unique. The Grail cannot simply be another item on the shopping list. A pair of captoes to complement your suede wingtips doesn’t count. Vintage spade soles or bespoke Vass Budapesters might.

Also, there should be a quest involved.

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Hermès: The American Connection

Oliver’s “Les Cheyennes” for Hermes
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Texan Kermit Oliver, the only American designer for French luxury brand Hermès, is featured in this NPR story and this Texas Monthly article. Oliver is an artist by day and a postal sorter by night. His artistic journey is intriguing, and his personal story has been marked by great sadness.

Meanwhile, my friend Réginald-Jérôme de Mans has a meditation on Hermès as the last great luxury house with any integrity. But don’t look for him to sport an “H” belt buckle any time soon.