‘In Search of Madras’: New at No Man Walks Alone

Madras shirts

Some years back I found myself in Old Madras looking for its eponymous cloth. Tracking it down was harder than you might think. I write about that search and the wonderful homespun Indian cloth madras, a summer necessity, at No Man Walks Alone.

I stood in Nalli in Chennai asking a group of employees if they had any “madras cloth.” Nalli is perhaps the largest retailer of textiles in India, and since the cloth I asked for is named for the very city I was in—Chennai is the modern name for old Madras—surely I had come to the right place.

Read the whole article at No Man Walks Alone.

Thrift: Buffing Up a J Crew Madras Belt

Madras belt roll

If you don’t thrift you probably should. Not everyone enjoys it, but I like the treasure hunt, rescuing a gem from amongst the junk. But sometimes the items need just a bit of TLC.

With summer–prime madras wearing time–looming, I came across a patch madras D-ring belt from J Crew. It was in great shape save for some fading from age and wear on the leather tip. I’m as much fan as honest wear–patina–as the next fellow, but I’m also a firm believer that a little maintenance can go a long way.

Madras belt before

I knew the leather fading wasn’t really an issue. To fix it up I pulled out my Saphir brown shoe cream and worked some into the leather tip with a cotton rag. You need shoe cream to apply to your leather shoes and sole/heel edges from time to time. Meltonian and Kelly’s creams are fine and easily found.

Saphir shoe cream

I let the cream soak in for a few minutes then buffed it–better than new! It has that honest wear, but with an attractive appearance. Not bad for a buck fifty and some elbow grease.

Madras belt after