Thanksgiving Dressing

Thanksgiving Day is filled with food, family and football, a grand time to celebrate our God-given bounty. When it comes to Thanksgiving, and most anything else, I’m a traditionalist. The holiday menu is straightforward–don’t blow it. You can experiment around the edges, but Thanksgiving is no time to plot a menu revolution.

Autumn also happens to be the best season for clothes. The slushy cold of winter hasn’t forced us into anything too constrictive, but it’s cool enough to bring out the heavier, textured and more interesting clothes from our closets. Now is the time for corduroy and cashmere, moleskin and tweed, boots and Barbours.

This confluence of our greatest meal of the year with the best season for clothes and a festive gathering presents a unique opportunity. Alas, it is too often wasted. Our penchant for both “comfort” in our clothes and gluttony in our eating results in many wearing nothing more complex than a Snuggie and a bib.

Ah, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of a sweatshirt, why not wear an oxford shirt with a Shetland sweater? Instead of Dad jeans, try a pair of cords. Rather than tennis shoes, wear some chukka boots. If you really want to walk on the wild side, try a tweed jacket and a wool tie.

Don’t waste this chance: Thanksgiving only comes but once each year. And who knows, you might not wince when you look back at those family photos in a few years.

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