The Cordial Churchman Turns Five & Debuts Their Own Braces

Picture via The Cordial Churchman

Picture via The Cordial Churchman

The Cordial Churchman celebrates its fifth birthday with a new video debuting their own make of braces (aka suspenders). Not only making in the USA, but in South Carolina, The Cordial Churchman specializes in fine bow ties.

A true Mom & Pop operation, Ellie Stager made husband, and churchman, Andy a bow tie out of some extra seersucker fabric. I remember way back when Andy posted pictures of it, and everyone started asking him if Ellie could make them one, too. This was before everybody and his second cousin started his own bow tie business.

When I had some fabric I brought back from Chennai (old Madras), India, it was to The Cordial Churchman I turned to have it transformed into Pinstripe Pulpit bow ties. They even made it to my own custom shape.

Stager & Co. at The Cordial Churchman are good folks, will make you a quality bow tie (even transform a long tie into a bow for you), and now will sell you a pair of braces, too. Why, they’ll even sew the braces buttons in your pants for you if you send them in. You can’t beat that.

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