Thrift: May Finds in Nashville & the Trap of Sales

Oxxford sc - May14My family had to make a quick trip to Alabama over the weekend, and we took the opportunity to hit a couple of favorite thrift stores on the north and south ends of Nashville along the way. By happenstance we stopped on 50% off day.

Sometimes you hit the motherlode, a donor has dropped off a large number of items, shirts, ties, or sport coats. More often, however, you will find a select item or two. These build up over time.

Thrift buying, especially when items are on markdown even from thrift prices, can be fraught with danger. There is always the temptation to grab anything and everything that looks interesting. Cheap prices means you start comprising on quality and condition. Don’t fall for the trap. While mistakes are inevitable, it’s better to walk away with nothing than with item after item that will only frustrate and disappoint you.

Seersucker + Madras - May14

Finds included interesting books (reading copies), a DVD of a favorite movie, a cashmere Royal Stewart scarf (made in Scotland), some summer wear (seersucker trousers and a vintage madras shirt), and the big discovery: an Oxxford sport coat in near perfect shape. I carried around a few other things that I put back. I was torn at the time, but I don’t regret not buying them.

Scarf - May14

While the summer items are great finds this time of year, always look for off season items like scarves. Make sure you hold the scarf up to the light to see if the moths have found it. One scarf I put back when I saw the light through the bite holes. Remember always to look for the reason why an item is at thrift in the first place.

What are some of your recent thrift discoveries?

Books - May14

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    • I typically find the Goodwills in Nashville are pretty good. Try the ones in Franklin and Madison. There’s also one on the west side where I’ve found a couple of things.

      Having told you that, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning…

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