Travel Gear: Timex Weekender Review

What to take when traveling is an ongoing debate. Items that may seem indispensable end up being unused. And one should try to buy as few specialized travel pieces as possible, ideally, preferring items that can be used day to day when at home. Something that has proven both indispensable and consistently useful is a watch.

A few years ago I stopped on the way to the airport to buy a watch at Target, picking up a white faced classically styled Timex. It served me well, particularly after I removed the stock band and began alternating nylon bands in it instead. Alas, shortly before my current trip to India my Timex ceased ticking (and it didn’t even take a licking). Getting a new battery was more of a hassle than I wanted to deal with at the time, so I used the opportunity to buy another Timex.

The Timex Weekender was my choice; it was a watch I had in the back of my mind for awhile. The features are excellent: a choice of face colors, clear Arabic numerals, standard as well as military time (useful for traveling in airports and hotels), Indiglo light-up feature, hacking movement and classic military/field watch styling. An added benefit is that it is made for a slip-through band, and comes standard in a choice of nylon bands.

Now, one issue is the watch comes with 20 mm lugs, thus taking a slightly wider strap than the 18 mm straps I already have. But Connery’s Bond himself had a much larger Rolex than his NATO strap, so a perfect fit isn’t always necessary. Despite the 20 mm lugs, I didn’t find the face overly large.

I was also surprised that the strap is as short as it is. I have smaller than average wrists, so I usually have my watch bands on one of the last three or so holes. This strap fits me right about the middle, which means those with larger wrists may need to be wary about the standard strap.

Watches can be a rich man’s playground. You literally can spend as much as you possibly would want on a watch. But Timex offers all the watch anyone really needs (if not wants) for an every day beater. Especially as a travel watch, but also casually day to day, the Timex Weekender at $35-$40 is a recommended choice (and a quarter of the price of the J Crew version).

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  1. In New Zealand we have a different range of Weekenders, compared to what you Americans can buy. My favorite has a similar face to the one shown, but without the 24 hour markings. It has, however, a day and date feature. But it is only 35mm in size. There is an oversize model with a 43mm case, but it has different sized numerals (larger 12, 3, 5 and 9) which make reading it harder. It’s a tough road getting a perfect watch.

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